Anti Bird Strike/Drone Radar & EO/IR Recognition System

  • Detection/Record

  • Tracking/Identification

  • Early warning/Notification

Anti Bird Strike/Drone


  • Comprehensive

    24-hour detection, tracking, and identification of bird flocks

  • Record and display

    Record and display bird activities
    Observe the type and number of birds to predict their direction of travel

  • AESA Radar

    Mini Doppler AESA radar
    Small size, light weight, low power consumption, low false alarm rate

  • Infrared thermal imaging photoelectric system

    Photoelectric system with infrared thermal image camera
    High magnification continuous zoom,4K High resolution camera , Thermal image camera, Anti-corrosive cover, etc.

  • AI Identification

    AI Identification System for birds

  • Friendly warning

    Birds imminent warning

  • Friendly life

    Reduce the chance of birds hitting the wind turbine

Anti Bird Strike/Drone